General Liability

In today’s litigious society, operating a business comes with it’s own risks that have nothing to do with the road. Protect yourself from the day-to-day risks of operating a commercial trucking business with general liability coverage.

General Liability

Operating a trucking business can bring as much risk as operating a truck on a hazardous road. General liability insurance protects your business from the risks you face as a business owner, such as lawsuits or claims for third-party injuries or property damage.

If someone is injured on your business premise, by using your product or service, or because of a breach of contract, general liability coverage has you covered. General liability coverage fills in the gaps for your trucking insurance, protecting you from incidents that can occur outside of vehicle operations.

General liability and primary trucking liability may sound similar, but they cover different scenarios. Primary trucking liability covers the cost of third party injuries or damages caused directly by your truck. General liability, on the other hand, covers lawsuits and claims for injuries or damages that result from your business operations. When you operate a trucking business, both are essential to protect you against the high price of lawsuits and legal issues.

General liability coverage is the foundation for a strong trucking insurance solution. Call us today and we’ll help you customize a trucking insurance package that’s designed to meet your specific needs on and off the road.


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